Appcues provides custom product walkthroughs & in-app messages to drive engagement and habit creation. The Appcues source automatically sends all Appcues tour events as events in Heap to make it easy to analyze the effectivness of your walkthroughs.

With Heap's Appcues source, you'll be able to:

  • Understand what drives feature engagement and customer retention.
  • Find bottlenecks in sign up and onboarding flows.
  • Attribute conversion and identify the best performing marketing channels.


To set up the Heap Appcues source, all you need to do is select Heap in the Appcues integration page and click Activate.

Data Format

Once enabled, Heap will automatically capture all Appcues flow events such as Flow Completed, Flow Started, Step Skipped, etc.

Please refer to Appcues's documentation for more information on the Heap Appcues Source.